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Printable Santa Letter Templates and Services Make it Easy to Create Letters at Home

Many companies offer letters from Santa Claus during the holidays, but why pay a lot of money to purchase from one of these sites when you can create your own printable Santa letters at home in just minutes?

Here are 10 sites that make it easy to be one of Santa's elves. Whether you're looking for professional quality designs, free Santa letterhead, Santa letter templates that can be used over and over again, or Nice List certificates to add to the excitement, there's a site here to fulfill your Christmas wishes.

(Image source: http://letterstokidsfromsanta.com)

Free Santa Letters.net - Fill in the form and get your letter in minutes

As the name suggests, this site offers free printable Santa letters. You can choose from two letters and two background designs and then personalize your letter by filling in a few blanks.

The free letter is a low-resolution image that will work fine for many people, or you can choose to upgrade to the higher-resolution letter that also includes an envelope https://www.topsantaletters.com/ and a Nice List certificate that matches the letter. You'll need to select which option (free or premium) you prefer after you enter your email, so be sure not to miss the last step in this process.

Free Letter from Santa Claus.net

Choose free version or an inexpensive upgrade with a Nice List certificate

Like Free Santa Letters.net, this site makes it easy to create your own personalized letter from Santa by filling in a few forms. Free Letter from Santa Claus.net offers two background designs and two letter options. The lower-resolution version is free, or you can select the professional quality version that for under $5 comes with an envelope and a Nice List certificate. The professional Santa letter companies will charge more for a Nice List certificate than you'll pay for the letter, envelope and certificate at this site

Printable Santa Letters.com

8 letter options, 6 backgrounds, Nice List certificates and more

This site has a great selection of printable Santa letters for kids, as well as fun upgrades to go with your letter. You can choose from eight different letters, including baby's first Christmas, first year in kindergarten, new sibling and Christian Santa letter options, as well as generic ones that can be used for any child.

You'll also be able to select from six colorful background designs, including one with a nativity scene that goes along with the Christian Santa letter. Letters are available in three packages, from a simple package that includes only a letter and envelope, to the largest package that includes a letter from Santa, an envelope, a letter Santa gift from Rudolph, a Nice List certificate and an autographed photo of Santa Claus.

Even the biggest package is under $5, which is a great deal compared to some other sites that charge that much or more for a letter alone.

Letters are easy to make - simply fill in the blanks with your child's information, provide an email address, choose your package and checkout. After making your payment, you'll receive an email with the download links to print your documents at home.

Letters to Kids from Santa.com

Nice List certificates with a photo and an option to write your own text

This printable Santa letter site offers two options you won't find at many others - the option to choose from two prewritten letters OR write your own text, and the ability to upload a photo to your child's Nice List certificate.

Letters to Kids from Santa.com is easy to use. Simply choose the background design, select your letter text and fill in the blanks, or write your own text. Then you can preview the letter before uploading a photo for the Nice List certificate. The photo uploader here isn't very advanced - you can't rotate or resize your image after uploading, although you will be able to preview the certificate and upload a different image before making your purchase. You'll get the best results with a vertical close-up, like the photos taken at school.

After previewing your certificate, you'll be able to make your purchase through PayPal. You'll then receive an automated email with the links to download and print your documents at home.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Magical wishes will be granted to children across the country with

life-threatening medical conditions, as Macy's and Make-A-Wish celebrate

the seventh annual National Believe Day on Friday, Dec. 11. A day

devoted to observing the season's spirit of generosity and goodwill,

more than 50 "Wishes Across America" will be granted and Macy's will

mark the day with a double donation for the iconic Believe letter

writing campaign.

"National Believe Day is the cornerstone of our Believe program, where

we offer double the donation for Santa letters collected and grant

wishes to children nationwide, making a life-changing impact on their

families, friends and local communities," said Martine Reardon, Macy's

chief marketing officer. "We're excited to see the response from our

associates and customers, and hope to again extend our campaign goal and

raise an additional $1 million for Make-A-Wish."

All season long, Macy's has invited customers to drop their stamped

letters to Santa at their local Macy's store or send a digital letter

via macys.com/believe. Macy's will donate $1, up to $1 million, to

Make-A-Wish for every letter collected through Dec. 24. New for this

year, letters sent to Santa through Macy's Wish Writer(TM) stylus and app

also benefit Make-A-Wish. Available for $14.99 at approximately 600

Macy's stores and on macys.com, the Wish Writer is Good List Certificates a fun way for kids to

play games and write a magical letter to Santa. One dollar from each

stylus purchase will also go to Make-A-Wish.

National Believe Day

For every letter sent on National Believe Day, Macy's will offer a

double donation - providing an additional $1 to Make-A-Wish, up to an

extra $1 million, above the existing $1 million campaign goal.

The Believe campaign was inspired by the true story of 8-year-old

Virginia, who wrote a letter to the New York Sun newspaper in 1897

asking about the existence of Santa Claus. The paper's response, "Yes,

Virginia, there is a Santa Claus ...," written by Francis P. Church,

became one of the most famous newspaper editorials of all time. Since

2003, Macy's has raised $90 million for Make-A-Wish, with $10.8 million

donated through the Believe campaign.

Tune In to "Yes, Virginia"

Next Friday, Dec. 18, the "Yes, Virginia" animated television special

will return with the story of Virginia. The award-winning, half-hour

holiday program features an all-star cast including Neil Patrick Harris,

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alfred Molina, and Beatrice Miller in the title

role. "Yes, Virginia," presented by Macy's, will air on ABC at 8:30 p.m.

ET/7:30 p.m. CT (check local listings).

"Yes, Virginia The Musical" was adapted from the animated special "Yes,

Virginia," written by Chris Plehal, created and produced https://www.magical-santa-letters.com/ by Macy's and

J. Walter Thompson in conjunction with The Ebeling Group and MEC

Entertainment, a division of Mediaedge:cia. "Yes, Virginia The Musical"

was written by Wesley Whatley (music) and William Schermerhorn (book and

lyrics), the Emmy
Barack Obama's 2016 Year, Photos by Pete Souza - News

White House chief photographer Pete Souza has published a selection of his favourite images of the year for the eighth and final time. He says, "I hope you enjoy this final Year in Photographs of the Obama administration. It's been the honor of a Good List Certificates lifetime to be a witness to history these past eight years."

June 22, 2016

"The great thing about children is you just don't know what they will do in the presence of the President. So when David Axelrod stopped by the Oval Office with one of his sons' family, Axe's granddaughter, Maelin, crawled onto the Vice http://www.santaclaushouse.com/santaletters.asp President's seat while the President continued his conversation with the adults. Then at one point, Maelin glanced over just as the President was looking back at her."

The kids hold nothing back. If you can't trust Santa Claus, who can you trust?

There are no secrets when you're writing him. No embarrassment. No wish too big or too small. You can level with Santa. He knows who you are.

So the 17 students in Steven Meyer's second-grade class at Newcastle Elementary School in Reseda - along with hundreds of other kids in more than 90 classrooms in San Fernando Valley schools who mailed Santa a letter last week - let it all hang out.

If you think what many of them want for Christmas this year is something you can buy in a store or charge on your credit card, you're wrong.

These kids want a Santa Claus tracker lot more than that. They want Santa to be especially nice to all the kids who lost so much in Hurricane Katrina. They want him to keep our soldiers safe in Iraq.

``One student in my class asked Santa to help make sure there were no more poor children in the world,'' Meyer said.

Now, where are you going to find a better Christmas present than that?

The letters from all the 70 second-graders at Newcastle, and more than 10,000 others from kids in Glendale, Pasadena, Ventura, Santa Barbara, the San Fernando and Conejo valleys, and a wide area stretching across the Mojave Desert to Mammoth Lakes will wind up on the desk of Stacia Crane, Santa's personal mail carrier.

Eleven months out of the year, Crane is a U.S. Postal Service consumer affairs representative at the Santa Clarita postal annex, but not in December. In December, she's Santa's right-hand woman.

She's been that for the past 17 years, ever since a teacher at Bassett Street Elementary School in Van Nuys told her about a literacy program the teachers were starting, and how they wanted to encourage their kids to write letters.

The one letter they all wanted to write was to Santa at the North Pole. Smart kids. The teachers just wanted to make sure that the letters would get answered.

Crane put the word out to all employees in the post office: When you get a letter addressed to Santa Claus, bring it to me. I'll answer it. Little did she know what she was starting.

``Pretty soon, the Bassett Street principal talked to the Cohassett Street principal, who talked to other principals about the program, and it got way out of hand,'' Crane says, laughing.

Santa's right-hand woman was deluged with hundreds more letters the second year, thousands more by the third and fourth years. Santa's right- hand woman was getting writer's cramp.

``I hollered for help from other postal employees at first, then the community at large,'' Crane says. ``Everyone Good List Certificates said sure, they'd help Santa answer every last letter.''

What Crane didn't see coming were the 300 or so letters Santa gets every year that tear your heart out.

The letters from kids not wanting anything for themselves, but for their mommy because she's been so lonely since daddy left.

From the kids wanting something for their baby brothers and sisters who won't be getting any presents this year because no matter how hard mommy and daddy work, there doesn't seem to be enough money for things like that.

For the little boy telling Santa his sister and brother sure could use some clothes, especially a new jacket for school. If that was asking too much, just some food would do.

Santa's right-hand woman put those letters in a special priority pile, and started looking for more help. It was one thing asking friends and co- workers to write a letter to a child from Santa; it was another asking them to reach into their pockets to buy them special gifts and clothing.

Looking back years later, Crane says she doesn't know what she was worried about. More than 100 people have stepped forward to become Santa's Helpers, adopting the kids in Crane's priority pile.

As always, though, she could use more help as the pile continues to grow.

``After Christmas, we always get letters from children so excited that Santa answered them. If you've ever gotten a letter from Santa Claus, you know what I mean.

``Every child wants to believe he cares about them,'' Santa's right-hand woman says.

Dennis McCarthy, (818) 713-3749


To become one of Santa's Helpers for children who write letters to Santa Claus, call Stacia Crane at the U.S. Postal Service's Santa Clarita annex, (661) 775-6681.




Postal employee Stacia Crane reads Christmas letters addressed to Santa Claus in her cubicle at the Santa Clarita postal annex.

Tina Burch/Staff Photographer
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Shopping at Macy's (NYSE:M) at Christmas is an experience steeped in

tradition. The home of beloved holiday events across the country, Macy's

will be celebrating the season with such favorites as Macy's Santaland
Create your Printable Letter from Santa Now!

Free Letters from Santa

Santa Claus Letter Designs To PrintCLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

Christmas is a special time of year for nearly everyone in the world. It is the time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. For children, it is also the time of year when Santa Claus makes his yearly round and delivers presents to good little boys and girls. Many of these children make it a yearly ritual to write a letter to Santa Claus. One great method to bring Christmas home to these children is for them to receive a letter from Santa and some personalized Christmas gifts back in the mail.

A letter from Santa can be where is Santa Claus arranged very easily. It is possible for a parent to write one himself or herself on a computer and make a deal with the mailman to deliver it. For better results, it may be better to hire a company that provides this service. Several websites, some department stores, and a few individuals provide a service to send letters from Santa to children.

A http://www.santaletter.com/sendsantaletter/ good letter from Santa is usually one of several form letters chosen by the parents to fit the child. The selected letter can then be edited and personalized so that when the child receives it, it includes details Santa letter that will make the child believe it came from Santa. The one drawback is that the parents will be required to release some personal information about the child to fill in the blanks properly in the letter.

Personalized Christmas gifts can be included in the same envelope as the letter from Santa. These gifts are not large or expensive, but they can add to the illusion that this is really a letter from Santa. Some personalized Christmas gifts can be in the form of ornaments that have the child's name on them, or other similar devices. The whole idea here is to add to the illusion that Santa has taken time to put together a personal message and send it to the child.

Parents with more than one child can still utilize this type of service. It is possible to choose different letters for each child. They may or may not be on the same stationery, though they should be if going to brothers and sisters in the same household. Having a unique letter from Santa and personalized Christmas gifts for each child will help to promote the illusion for the younger children even if the older ones no longer believe. Older children will still enjoy participating in the charade to help keep the belief in Santa Claus alive for the smaller ones.

Children everywhere hold onto the belief in Santa Claus. Many even write letters to him. One way to help them to continue to believe and to bring Christmas home to them in a very special way is to arrange for them to receive a letter from Santa and some small personalized Christmas gifts in the mail of their own.

By: E-WeddingFavors

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Create Magic in your child's eyes with our Letters from Santa and Santa letters to give them the best Christmas ever. Pick over 20 Stationery designs and receive a free gift and free shipping with your Santa letters.
Children start loosing their belief in Santa as they get older because they talk to other children in the playground who disbelieve or they catch their parent secretly wrapping up presents in the bedroom and question why they are doing this if Santa exists. To keep the magic alive an extra Yule time you need to work a bit smarter to make the kids still believe in Santa.

One key point is to be more discreet when wrapping and distributing Christmas presents to friends and Family. Make sure that they kids do get wind of what is happening, this will only give more evidence that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

Similarly, the Christmas presents at home for your family should be hidden away until Christmas Eve. Hiding http://www.freelettersfromsantaclaus.com/ Christmas presents is no easy task when children are hunting around looking for clues to suggest that there is no Santa. The safest place is usually the loft, as younger children are probably not allowed in the loft unattended.

A major set back in the campaign of promotion the belief of Santa Claus is if the child you are trying to convince is the youngest in the family. Hearing loose talk in the playground that Father Christmas is a myth Santa presents is one thing but to hear the news from someone in the family that you know and trust makes it much more believable. In this case you need to talk to the older siblings and explain why they should dissuade they younger brother or sister from believing. Remind them of what the magic was like when they themselves believed.

A good way of dispelling the notion of Santa not being real is to actively prove his existence before the doubts even arise. One way of doing this is to have Santa write your Child a Letter or an Email. How could anyone doubt a letter from Santa Claus?

There are website online where you can order a personalised letter or email from Santa for your child. They are personalised because they include you child's name and age; they may also mention your child's other brothers and sisters or even the family pet. The letters from Santa Letters From Santa also usually comment on a bad habit that your child has, which makes the letter look like Santa has been keeping an eye on your child and knows what they get up to. It's also useful if you want to persuade your child to stop the habit - what ever it may be.

When looking for a website to order a personal letter for your child from Santa, make sure that there is not a charge for the service as some websites do charge a fee for a letter from Santa.

Keeping the legend and magic of Santa alive for as many years as possible is important for children because they have a lot of years to be grown up, and so few years to be children. As adults it is important for us to keep the magic alive because we love to see our children's faces light up at the wonder of this very special time of year.

By: S. Roberts

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Keep the Magic of Christmas Alive with www.santaspostbag.co.uk and send your child a free personalised email from Santa www.santaspostbag.co.uk/your-letter-from-santa.php

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